Frequently Asked Questions

What is SnapSects?

It is an interactive web/mobile application designed to make pictures of arthropods accessible to people who are blind or have low vision through Scientific Audio Description made by SnapSectors.

What is a SnapSector?

Once you become a collaborator to the SnapSects web page or user of the SnapSects Mobile App and upload a description or help with the description of an arthropod, you become a SnapSector, a member of a group of volunteers whose objective is to make science accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.

Does SnapSects automatically audio describe a picture I upload?

No. SnapSects does not automatically describe any picture. It guides you to a Scientific Audio Description with suggestions on what to describe. Then, it prompts you with a text you can edit to perfect your Audio Description

Can I upload any picture to SnapSects?

No. Only pictures of Insects and other Arthropods are accepted at this moment.

Can I upload a picture that somebody else took, or any other picture I found on the web?

You should only upload pictures that you have the right or permission to use. Pictures from the web should only be used if they are in public domain or otherwise have no restriction to be used by you or any third parties.

Can I upload a picture with no description?

Yes. But keep in mind that the aim of the SnapSects is to provide people who are blind or have low vision access to scientific Audio Description of Arthropods. You should use the app to get a basic description to your picture, so others can help filling up the gaps. In any case, you can always revisit your posting and complete or change your description.

Can I change any description I have made?

Yes. You can always revisit your posting and complete or change your description. You can also authorize a collaborator to do so.

Do I have to be an expert to upload or describe a picture?

No. But you should always carefully research about the arthropod on your picture, so to provide reliable description.

Can I describe pictures uploaded by other SnapSectors?

Yes. You can either contact a SnapSector, let him or her know that you want to collaborate with the audio description, or post your contribution to a description.

Can I comment or give an opinion on the SnapSects postings?

Yes. Your contribution and opinions are always welcome and invaluable. Remember always to be courteous, considerate and respectful. All SnapSectors are here with the objective of making scientific visual information on arthropods available to people who are blind or have low vision.

What picture extension does SnapSects take?

At this moment it only supports .png .

What resolution should the pictures have ?

SnapSects is intended to be used by all people, and users who have low vision will benefit even more from best quality pictures. The better your picture is, the more inclusive your contribution will be.